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The Ocala Tennis Association (OTA) is a non-profit association whose members are proponents of the sport of tennis and its growth in the Greater Ocala community.


As a service organization, OTA supports and promotes tennis among juniors and beginners,

as well as hosting events for its members.

Hey Juniors!

Our next fun tournament will take place Saturday October 8. To register for the Titans of Tennis Junior Tournament, please go to the EVENTS Page. It's a pretty sweet deal for just $5!!

Check out the OTA Scholarship Program on the JUNIORS Page.

A cold but fun Junior Jamboree - kudos to all who participated and congrats to the winners! Check out the Juniors Page for details.

Hey Adult Beginners, join the next session for the

Love 2 Learn/Love 2 Play programs 

offered at the Fort King Tennis Center by emailing Leigh Chak at vacocala@gmail.com or for programs at other clubs email Ty Wolter at ustaflorida.com

Tennis could become a lifetime pursuit!

Hey ADULT MEMBERS, thanks to all who participated in our Spring Fiesta! Check out the Adult Members Page for details.

Good morning, USTA Players!

Just wanted to address a few changes that have been made regarding the upcoming fall seasons.

1. The Marion Fall Singles league submission form was closed for the past few days (technical error) but is now open and will be accepting submissions until 9/25! Here is the link for anyone who may need it: https://forms.office.com/r/G7ATj6aX7b

2. For the Tri-Level leagues in Marion County, I have narrowed down the submissions to only have two NTRP levels. The two levels we will be running this year will be the 2.5/3.0/3.5 and the 3.5/4.0/4.5 leagues. For Tri-level you will need a minimum of two players at each NTRP level to participate. The Tri-level league will be run in a single weekend at Fort King Tennis Center and will be run the weekend of 9/30-10/2. If we receive enough captain submissions for either league, we will be splitting the leagues in to separate weekends where one will be run the weekend of 9/23-9/25 and the other the weekend of 9/30-10/2. Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns!

3. The Swinging 70’s league captain registration form is available now. Here is the link -https://forms.office.com/r/taTXaKvupb

4. In October of this year, we will be hosting a 55+ NTRP Qualifier tournament at Fort King Tennis Facility. Participating and winning the Sectional tournament will grant a Golden Ticket that allows you to advance to Nationals tentatively set for April 2023. The registration is open for this and can be found at - https://playtennis.usta.com/Competitions/fort-king-tennis-center/Tournaments/Overview/59c7e8cb-d370-4106-a406-fe3bb94df515

5. We have two new L2L programs that will be starting at the end of August in Gainesville. If you know of anyone who may be interested in learning the game of tennis, please send them the sign-up links below or give them my contact information and I’d be more than happy to get them set up in our beginner programs!

L2L Buchholz High School - https://bit.ly/3cMP5sA

L2L Turkey Creek - https://bit.ly/3SdorsY

Ty Wolter

Adult Local Play Coordinator

USTA Florida

We are 148 members strong with a number of Sponsors on board. Come join our ranks and help support and develop tennis in our community!

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